Styles Explained

What Style is right for YOU?

 The choices are overwhelming, and you have only one chance to make the right decision on the most important day of your life! So how can you be assured you are doing that? This page may help you decide.

Every photographer has his/her own style, or brand, that is unique to them. Basically there are three styles that define today’s professional photographers, the Traditional, the Contemporary, and the Photo Journalistic. Up until about 14 years ago prior to the digital camera age, most every photographer was a Traditional style photographer. These photographers, that started way back in the film days, carefully posed the bride and groom in just about every photograph at a wedding. Brides and couples were posed in a manner according to their personal body type, and facial structures, to flatter them so they would look their best in every image taken. With the Traditional style, a lot of emphasis is placed not only on flattering posing, but also precise lighting, which in turn yields not only the most flattering photographs, but can also bring out the beautiful detail in the bridal gown, black tuxedos and  beautiful light in the faces and eyes of the subjects. This perfected style, which takes many years to perfect, can make the difference whether you will love or hate your photographs.

The next style, the Contemporary, has more of a modern day look. Similar to the traditional in the fact that in Contemporary photography, the photographs are still somewhat posed and precisely lit, however they are done so in a much looser manner. This style is much less “posed” looking and resemble what you might see in a bridal or fashion magazine. It is a better suited for the petite bride since lighting is used in a less flattering manner than in the traditional style. Bodies and faces are sometimes placed more straight on to camera, which is a less flattering angle for anyone with a body style other than the very slim and petite. Even though the lighting is usually carefully placed as in the traditional style, it can be less flattering to many body and facial types. This contemporary style is best suited for the somewhat petite bride that wants a looser posed, more fashion, magazine style look to her photographs but still doesn’t mind taking a little time for proper lighting setup and some direction in posing.

Lastly, there is the Photo Journalistic style, also often referred to today as Natural Light or Lifestyle photography. The Photo Journalistic style is basically capturing things as they are happening, with absolutely no directing, or posing from the photographer, and working mostly with the existing light, whether it be good or bad. With the Photo Journalistic style, even though some really nice emotional and fun photos can be captured, by choosing this style only, you run the risk of not having one flattering photo of yourself the entire wedding day since body angle and light direction are not controlled prior to taking the photograph. Many less experienced photographers advertise this style only since no real knowledge of photographic lighting and flattering posing is needed. It is much better suited as an add on and in combination with either the traditional or contemporary styles. These fun candid style photos are normally taken by a second photographer throughout the day and can complete the story of the day with great expressions, and very touching emotional photographs that cannot be captured any other way. A combination of styles is by far the best way to capture the wedding day, creating a very nice blend of  a some very flattering somewhat directed photos as well as the fun un-posed candids  to capture the emotions and fun of the day as it happens. At Robert Faust Photography, Leslie and I, a husband/wife team, combine all 3 styles to give our brides the best possible wedding day coverage that will complete the story of the most important day of their lives.

 My Advice to You

As a working professional wedding photographer, with the experience of 34 years, and over 1800 weddings, I’ve seen so many trends come and go in the wedding photography industry. I strongly suggest you choose a 2 photographer team, with one photographer having experience in professional lighting and posing techniques, the Traditional and/or Contemporary style, and also a second photographer capturing the more Photo Journalistic style. One photographer cannot capture it all. Trust me, when it’s all over, you will want some very flattering photographs of yourself, your husband, and your families on your wedding day even if just a few, as well as the un-posed fun, emotional ones. With us, you will have the best of both.


Whether you choose Robert Faust Photography or another, this advice can be the most important advice you get for your wedding day. Photography is the ONE place to not cut corners. You only have one chance for beautiful wedding photographs, capturing the emotions and your lifetime memories, they cannot be done over. Don’t be that bride that choose to cut corners on her photography and it winds up to be the most dreaded decision of the entire wedding process.

Choosing Leslie and I to capture your day, you will be able to relive those emotions and memories for years to come.

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