What is the most important things to look for when choosing my wedding photographer?
Anyone can buy a camera and get a website these days, thousands do every day. Often ignored, the first and probably the most important thing you should look for when considering a wedding photographer, is the experience and credentials of the photographer you are considering hiring. Weddings are very fast paced, and your photographer must be able to react in an instant to changing scenes, lighting conditions, etc. The ability to do this comes only with many years of on job experience. Unlike a simple college degree, The Professional Photographers of America organization has a comprehensive testing and degree program for the working professional to test a photographers skills on every level, from quality to competence. Very, very few of today’s photographers hold those degrees. Robert is not only a Certified professional, but also holds all 4 of the degrees offered by PPA, and is one of only 5 photographers in the entire world and the only one in the south to have been able to accomplish this.

What’s 2nd most important?
The next, probably almost as important as the first, after limiting your selections down to a few of your favorite photographers, is to ask them to view a few recent complete weddings from start to finish. I just cannot stress how important this is. Even a soccer mom can get a great photo every once in a while, and naturally, photographers are going to put only their best images on their website. The thing that sets the experienced photographers apart from the novice, is consistency of capturing great images throughout the entire event. The only way you can see consistency, is to look at complete weddings from start to finish, to see if the colors, skin tones, brightness values etc. are consistent throughout. Getting a great photo every once in a while is not good enough for your once in a lifetime event. All photographers post all of their weddings online today, so ask them for access information to a few recent weddings to view completely. At Robert Faust Photography, will be very happy to give you the access codes to any number of our recent weddings to compare. One thing you will notice when comparing our work to many others, our photographs will not be overly bright and washed out, so common among so many of today’s less experienced photographers. You paid a lot of money for that beautiful gown, your wedding cake etc., and in our photos we will make sure you see every bit of detail you paid for!

How do we define our style?
With over 34 years of experience as a wedding photographer, I’ve experienced all the different styles, from the very traditional to the very contemporary to the photo journalistic. We capture your day with a combination of all 3 styles to render a complete story from start to finish.  For an explanation  about the different styles of today’s photographers, please visit this link: Different Styles

Why should I choose Robert Faust Photography over all the other studios?
Besides the years of experience and the degrees and accomplishments I’ve earned over the years, our unique combination of styles, unmatched lighting techniques, and the ability to capture raw emotions, is unmatched by any other photographer today. Taking years to perfect, these are the key elements that place our work on an entirely different level from any one else, at any price, and allows us to produce the impeccable quality we’re known for and maintain our outstanding reputation as being the best in the business. Another thing our brides love about us, we work very efficiently so you will completely enjoy your day, and in addition, we are easy and very friendly to work with. These qualities put everyone at ease on your day and make things flow very smoothly. Lastly, the customer service we provide to each of our brides is second to none.

How far in advance do I need to book with you?
Because of our unique style and outstanding reputation, we normally book further in advance of other studios, sometimes as far as 2 years prior to the wedding.  Many of our brides plan their weddings around our availability. However, with that said, we do many times have random dates available just a few months away so don’t hesitate to check with us.

What is required to reserve my date?
To reserve your event date, we ask for a retainer fee of $750 and a signed contract.  Since we only photograph one wedding per day, we do not require you to select a plan at the time of booking.  A plan is selected 60 days prior to the event. We accept Visa, Master Card, personal checks, cash and Pay Pal.

How many weddings do you photograph a year?
We prefer to remain best rather than biggest. To maintain our creativity, impeccable quality, and provide the best possible customer service, we only accept 35 weddings per year. We only photograph 1 wedding per day, which allows us to concentrate completely on your event. Leslie and I will be your photographers, “Period”.

How many photographs are usually provided?
When we photograph a wedding, we do not limit ourselves to the amount of images taken. We take as many images necessary to capture the story of your wedding. Most weddings have upward of 800 images that are delivered. We do not take up a lot of your time duplicating photographs, every one is different. The number of photographs delivered are dependent on each individual event.

Do I receive the High Resolution image CD after the wedding?
The High Resolution image CD and a limited image release is included in all of our wedding packages.

Do your packages include wedding albums?
With the exception of our very basic coverage plan, all of our plans include a beautiful custom designed and hand crafted Italian bride’s album. To control quality, all albums are designed by Leslie, our in house graphic artist. With our packages, your wedding album is included (excluding our very basic plan). You will not have a huge unexpected expense after the wedding in order to purchase albums, etc. separately as with many other studios.

Are your photos retouched?
We carefully retouch every photograph that is taken from the waist up to make you and your family to look your absolute best, full length images are retouched if needed. We also professionally crop and color match each and every photograph we take prior to viewing, the ONLY studio that does that.

What is your turnaround time after the wedding?
*Your photographs will be posted on our website for 180 days for viewing and ordering. Since we professionally crop, color correct, and retouch every image as needed, your images will be posted approx. 2 weeks after the wedding. We will also provide you with a low res CD of all of your images for viewing, posting on facebook, smart phone, etc.
*With us, your completed wedding album takes only from 6 to 8 weeks to be completed.

Do you have a second photographers?
Absolutely! Your wedding will be covered by 2 qualified award winning photographers, Robert and Leslie exclusively. We take the most special day of your life very seriously, so we DO NOT use assistants or have “Teams” of photographers  so we can cover several weddings a day. We are devoted to only one wedding a day, yours. A wedding CANNOT be captured correctly with only one photographer.

Do you travel for weddings?
Yes, we are available to travel throughout the south, please contact us for information.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We shoot with only professional Nikon state of the art digital equipment. We always carry backup equipment and lenses to be ready for any situation.

Do you have photography insurance?
Yes, we carry liability insurance.  We can provide a proof of insurance certificate if your venue requires it

You only have one chance to do it right with wedding photography. Do your research, and don’t let your lifetime memories be ruined by making the wrong choice.  We’re very confident you’ll see a very noticeable difference in our work and will be completely assured you made a smart choice when you book with us.

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